Wigs as a Protective Style for Natural, Transitioning or Relaxed Hair

Wigs are great protection for hair when transitioning to natural hair or maintaining relaxed hair. Consider adding wigs to your healthy hair regimen.

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No matter how many different styles women have for our hair, there is one goal we all strive for- hair health. Keeping your hair healthy is hard, especially when you style on a daily basis. We're constantly trying to be gentle with our ends, keep our hair conditioned, reduce exposure to harmful elements- black women especially- we baby our hair! There are a variety of hairstyles that help us be gentle with our hair. Protective styles reduce friction and pulling of hair, protect our ends and help our hair grow healthily.

Protect Your Hair From the Elements with Wigs

Perhaps you have not thought about wigs as a protective style- well why not? Wigs are arguably the perfect protective style for natural and relaxed hair. Full-cap wigs protect your hair from the elements completely. Full cap wigs greatly reduce exposure to sunlight which, over time, damages our hair and skin without protection. Half cap wigs provide a great deal of protection as well and allow you to enjoy a more natural wig look.

Relaxed Hair Under Your Wig

Wigs work great as a protective style primarily because your hair underneath can remain styled or place without constant combing, brushing, pulling or styling. Wrapping your hair under your wig is a great option for women with relaxed hair. As we all know, wrapping keeps our ends smooth and strong- imagine if you could keep your hair wrapped all day. The best part about wrapping is that when you decide to take your wig off, your hair already has that great "bump" we all like without the use of a flat iron or heat!

Natural Hair Under Your Wig

Yes, natural girls can rock wigs too! Imagine braiding your natural hair into your desired style and having the option to throw a wig on top of it. You wear your wig to work, out in the elements, and take it off when you get home or when you're ready to go out on the town and wear your gorgeous coils and curls. Constant braiding, pulling, and twisting can also add stress to hair. Using a wig as an interim protective style will give your natural hair a break and still allow you the versatility to show your texture whenever you want.

Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Hair Under Your Wig

Those of us who have transitioned know there is always that awkward hair stage where you have a bunch of new growth but you're not quite ready to make the big chop and search for styles that look good while your hair is two different textures. You're focused on your hair's health but combing and gently detangling daily are work. Wigs are a great option to protect transitioning hair because you deep condition, detangle, braid your hair down underneath and wear wigs while you learn how to style your hair properly. Wigs for transitioning to natural hair come in curly, coily textures and can still give you the look of African American hair.

The Challenges of Wearing Wigs as a Protective Style

Of course wigs are not infallible. When wearing wigs on a daily basis you should make sure you properly condition daily because the wig cap material will absorb from oils from your hair. You must keep your wig clean and fresh so it does not hold bacteria. You should also vary the placement of wig combs to make sure the same areas of your head are not constantly stressed. Wigs should not be tight or pull your hair as that could cause breakage and hair loss. A simple wig routine is a great addition to your protective styling activities.